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At Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy we believe in providing quality care to the Orange County community we serve and are committed to the use of evidence-based practice in an integrative setting combining the optimum Physical Therapy treatment to suit each individual’s needs. Our endeavor is to provide services in an accommodating way that are cost effective, safe and responsible so that any patient is able to receive the care they need in order to create and promote a healthy lifestyle through physical rehabilitation and wellness programs.

OSPT strives to be the premier Physical Therapy and wellness organization that is recognized for our unique, unduplicated, patient centered health care. This is attained through the application of state of the art resources and commitment to promoting a healthy community.

At OSPT we promote both patient and practitioner autonomy in order to make every clinical decision an ethical one that is most beneficial to the individual’s well being. We do this by showing respect for the rights of every individual. We abide by the physical therapy code of ethics at all times.

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